Norse Mythology

This fast-paced and readable version of Norse myths by Neil Gaiman came out just in time to promote American Gods. Gaiman retold each myth simply, but with his usual flair and style. He structures them almost like short stories, that when combined, tell a complete story.

If one has any knowledge of Norse mythology, or has seen a Marvel movie recently, the characters in the stories are familiar: Odin, Thor, and Loki. These are Gaiman’s interpretation of these characters’ lives. He starts at the creation of the world and tells through Ragnarok, or the ‘final destiny of the Gods’.

I enjoyed Gaiman’s telling of these myths. In his introduction he invites the reader to imagine the myths as your own, as he and countless others have done. The individual stories go quickly and are easy to follow. But if you have trouble remembering characters, there is a handy glossary in the back. I enjoyed it a lot, but there was nothing particularly memorable about it. Unless you are a fan of Norse mythology or Neil Gaiman, this probably isn’t the book for you.