Young Elizabeth: The Making of the Queen

After watching The Crown on Netflix, I saw this audiobook at the library. I read on Goodreads that this book almost follows that events of Season 1 completely. I found Kate Williams to be a good writer, but she also read this audio and it was impossibly slow.

Young Elizabeth: The Making of the Queen follows the life of Queen Elizabeth II in her childhood and her early days as queen. One of my only complaints is that this book focuses occasionally on Elizabeth’s younger sister, Margaret, and her affair with Group Captain Peter Townsend. While this was a large part of Elizabeth’s early reign, I felt like Williams was more interested in Margaret’s affair than the impact it had on Elizabeth and her relationship with the church, her government, and her people.

Overall, I liked listening to this book. I probably would have enjoyed it more if I could have sped through it on Overdrive. Williams paused between every sentence. I can see where this would be helpful with such an information-heavy book, but it annoyed me. This book helped fuel my interest in Queen Elizabeth II and tide me over until the next season of The Crown.



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