Deadpool: The Complete Collection, Vol. 1

This collection of comics by Daniel Way featuring Deadpool span several different series to make one cohesive story line. If they hadn’t been collected in that order, I highly doubt I would have enjoyed the story the same way.

Prior to this, my Marvel knowledge featured information solely from MCU and what I’ve seen in passing on the internet. From everything I’ve seen of cosplayers and elsewhere on the internet, and Ryan Reynolds’s portrayal in the movie, Deadpool was a little less witty than I thought he was going to be. I never thought that the movie version of Deadpool would show a nuanced version of the character, but there you go.

Overall, I enjoyed Deadpool. It was fun, light, and the storyline flowed well. The skip in art styles from series to series was a little jarring (why does Black Widow’s hair have to be different for every incarnation of her character?) but overall, I enjoyed the series and thought it was a nice introduction into the comic side of Marvel. It took me forever to finish. I wasn’t terribly invested in the story. And because I was expecting something less misogynistic, for whatever reason. (Actually, I know the reason. It’s Ryan Reynolds.)



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